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This project is the result of a commission. The contractor MyOwnPad asked us to create and develop a social game for Facebook users with a limited budget. We came up with an idea for a Freemium game based in creating actors and let them play movies. The game featured 2 different environments: one to PLAY and one to CREATE.

The PLAY side of MOVIEZ was the tale of an amateur actor who arrived to Moviezland to become a star. To do so, the user could create his own avatar and act different roles in different movies. All of it with a pinch of humor and oriented to a young audience.

The CREATE part of the project consisted in a powerful editor to create your own movies. The movies could then be played by your actor or shared with the community.

The game was free to play but featured virtual coins and a shop were users could unlock goodies and bonuses.

You can try the game here!


Playing MOVIEZ started by creating an avatar. You could customize almost every aspect of its appearance including hairstyles, skin, face elements, attitude… Upon creation, you were granted some dressings in your wardrobe and the Moviez Studio would offer you different jobs. Initially, your actor was offered to take part in minor roles. Jobs would earn you reputation. By gaining reputation, better roles in better movies were offered.

Performing in a movie consisted in two processes: dressing accordingly and performing. Performing consisted in a mini-game where you had to move to your marks, do some gestures (dismay, die, point, laugh…) and say your lines (hey, even Tom Cruise can do that!) for all the scenes involving your character.

Dressing was almost as important as performing: let’s say you are acting in “Hail Emperor” and you play the role of a soldier in the background. You should wear accordingly, but probably you don’t own the “Roman Soldier” dress. So you wear whatever you find in your wardrobe and earn bad reviews. Or by spending virtual coins you could buy the Roman Soldier set in the shop and get raving reviews. And with better reviews would come better wages in the form of virtual coins.

Dressings were the goods we monetized in the game. With better dresses you could earn more reputation to continue progressing in the ladder of MOVIEZ.

To achieve all this, we created a customizable character with more than 300 animations and able to express a wide range of emotions, called “Puppet”. The “Puppet” talked, danced, died, revived and performed everything necessary to take part in a movie. We also developed more than 100 different dressings with interchangeable parts for each gender.

The editor

The creation engine was the most ambitious part of the project. We created from scratch a powerful Movie Editor that allowed the users to create their own movies defining scenes, characters, script, and even add sound effects and music. Users created more than 1.000 movies with it. We also developed all the creative assets: backgrounds, decoration assets, furniture, objects… more than 2.000 art assets were created.

In the editor you could build and add sets to scenes, add tracks for each actor involving moving to positions, performing animations and saying lines in many different attitudes. It also featured sound fx and music tracks as well as some pre-rendered introscenes and transitions.

All in all, a complete package to create your own movies that you can start trying here.

The project

We had a budget of 130.000€ to conceptualize and develop everything, including back end and server hosting.

Development of the major engines needed took about 4 months, and production took an extra 4 months until launch with a team of 3 people.

The game soft-launched in 2013 with a minor campaign in southeast Asia and Europe, but 2 months later funding was interrupted by MyOwnPad and the game, an online experience, had to be discontinued. In the 2 months that the game was online it had more than 100.000 users and revenue was in the average of this games (almost 2% of users bought virtual coins).

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