Guess game for freaks

Do you like guessing games? Do you like drawing games? Riddles? Charades? Do you want to enjoy playing AND creating contents in the same game? It’s all here, in Jambo!

Jambo is a mobile game targeted at freaks that love movies, songs and popular culture. The game is based in cards drawn by the users themselves. Solving Jambos gives points that can be used as hints in difficult Jambos.

The game featured 100 out of the box Jambo and had more than 9.000 after three weeks. The game is free and can be found on many iOS and Android stores across the world.

Here is the features list of the game:

Solve fun riddles created by other users!
Create your own riddles
Share your favorite jambos and play with your facebook friends
You can play it alone, with family and friends!
Use hint points to solve those mind-blowinggly hard riddles
Available in EN, FR, ES, DE, PT & IT
Game Center leaderboards and achievements

You will get addicted to it!

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