Hot Wheels


Multiplayer frenzy wheels action!

We created a racing browser game for Hot-Wheels called Adrenaline Race featuring real time multiplayer races between users of 12 different European countries.

The game had a gallery of 100 unlockable cars and races were created with procedurally created tracks. The cars could be customized with different colors and stickers and had different attributes that combined with track tributes to determine the performance of the cars in terms of physics. Users also had boosts and power-ups that could use during the race.

The gameplay was based in a series of strategical choices and QTEs generated automatically. You could see the ghosts of other players while drving in real time. The race lobbies were filled with bots when necessary, with different levels of AI.

The game was produced in Adobe Air using Starling 3D libraries and Smartfox technology on the server side to organize the multiplayer events.

The game had a connection with the real world of the brand: users could unlock cars and goodies by entering the serial numbers of the real world cars they owned. A virtual copy of the car would appear at their garage.

There were promotions and gifts to the winners of the races for each country, and Hot Wheels could customize the prizes in a back-end environment.

On the first month we had more than 15.000 active users. At the end of the project, we had up to 50.000 active players, with a peak of 550 concurrent users racing together! More than 1 million races were finished and more than 30 prizes where given.

The world champion Jorge Lorenzo also appeared in the game and one of the prizes for Spain and Italian users consisted in a car customized by him.

The project isn’t available anymore, but you can watch some screenshots and a promotional video we did after some weeks of competition.

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