About Us

We love people who play

That's why we want you to love what we do.

After 15 years working on advertising and developing interactive projects for big brands, we decided to create Macflai Games to focus on an even more important client: you.

We develop our own ideas but we also work as developers for third companies on commission projects. We cover all aspects of production, from creative concept to development, creating teams for specific projects.

We also develop interactive experiences and advergames through our advertising brand badabing! having won several prizes (Cannes, FWA, Laus) for brands such as Audi, Coca-Cola, Vodafone…

Our aim is to produce original games with innovative mechanics and powerful stories. We want to create emotional experiences that everyone can understand and play. Our focus is creativity, not technology.

From our sunny studio at Barcelona, we can always see the beach, the blue sky and the skyline of the city. If you ever come, you’ll have a seat in our terrace and a cold drink waiting for you.

Our own projects

After working for third companies during some years on cmmission projects, we’re now ready to do the big jump and start producing our own projects.

We want to create games the way we like them, mixing innovative game mechanics, powerful storytelling and unconventional settings. We don’t marry a specific technology or platform, each project has its own needs. That’s why we build specific teams for each project, but as it is wise to keep the best talent around, we also hire employees to work as core members of the teams.

Our goal is to produce quality, mature games based on storytelling and emotions, with innovative looks and a strong personality.

We’re currently workinh in our first PC and Consoles title, Raise. We’re seeking for funds and development will soon start.

We also plan a second game, We, robots, to be developed in 2017.

Producing commission projects and advergames

We produce and develop projects for third companies and big brands. Due to our experience producing for different platforms, we can easily assemble teams to develop your project.

Our work ranges from creativity to development of any commission game or interactive project.

Due to our long experience in advertising, we can offer great value to advergaming projects for big brands. We understand the needs of the brands and advertising agencies, so we can offer solutions that best fit the timing and the budget.

Moviez, Hotwheels Adrenaline Race and Monster High Adventures are some examples of our work as producers.


Browser and mobile games

We produce and develop browser games and mobile apps. Thanks to our long experience working with Adobe Flash and Adobe Air, we can target all current devices with a single development, easing the process of targeting different platforms like Android, iOS or desktop.

We guide you through the whole process, from creativity to development and publishing of your game, be it in the web or in the Android and Apple stores.

We also produce tailored developments for events and conventions, mixing different technologies like kinect, flash and html to create remarkable experiences.

The founders

Working together since the XXth century.

Oriol Pujadó

Oriol Pujadó

Founder and dad
Jordi Ministral

Jordi Ministral

Founder and a quiet man
Alexis Corominas

Alexis Corominas

Founder and a not so quiet man

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